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By Michael Knight

Wednesday 16 February 2011

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"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well." - Mahatma Gandhi

What is peace or more importantly, what does it mean to you and how to achieve it?

We all want peace don't we, well most of us I suspect on some level and I'm sure you know all about it, right, but what exactly is it?

We hear about peace in the news — peace rallies and the like in opposition to wars and bloodshed, and the political corruption and madness that goes on from time to time. Peace even flows around the planet on a collective scale indicative of the fact it must be common to most of us, our quiescent state perhaps or even part of our genetic blueprint. This is further reinforced by the notion of and that wonderful mantra 'Peace on Earth'.

So after all this talk of peace, do you feel at peace?

If not, why is this so? Is there more to peace than someone's letting on?

As one gets older traveling through the ages, and not necessarily biologically mature either, certain introspection can occur after much dust has settled from the ordeal of a Separation, accompanied by many of life's challenges as you change and adapt into something. What this something is may even elude you for the moment, or perhaps not even make you happy. Either way, it's what is for this moment. A moment just long enough to help give rise to answers and direction you need.

First and foremost is this issue of peace within you. What does peace really mean inside your heart, and are we all the same or have different perceptions about peace and the values we place on it?

Many know peace as to feel safe and secure, void of conflict, comfortable with certainty and that peace of mind that comes with a knowing that you and your loved ones are ok, and that the present is good, and the future looks bright and full of prosperity. What more could you ask for of life and the world around you, right?

Whilst not for one moment taking away from the sacredness of the aforementioned importance of peace, it however is only one side of the coin.

If in fact you have all of that above, would you say you are at peace now? Do you feel a real sense of peace in your soul? You may say yes depending on what your life is like and depending on how far down the rabbit hole you have looked, or you may say no, I don't feel at peace with myself, not really.

Hence, if the latter is true, what now?

Well, while this is a personal quest for you, and you alone, the answer may just lie in the fact you're not being or doing what you are truly meant to be or doing.

Your higher self is calling out from above saying, come on, let's get this boat moving and show on the road. Perhaps it's the end of your rest, recovery and rehabilitation period and it's time to kick some ass. Well, not literally of course, but you get the meaning.

Often people can get caught or trapped if you will in the recovery or healing phase of a trauma, or Separation in this case, and not either know how or make the transition needed into getting their life back on track into something they love.

This feeling of not being at peace with yourself is a good sign. It's telling you to wake up and that your time of being idle and aimless is over, and you have recovered. Hoorah as you jump with joy!

This lump in your throat and confusion in your head may also be part of this lack of peace from not knowing what to do now and actually doing it, but all these signs of inner turmoil have one objective in mind.

And that's to get you up and at 'em and out there in the wild blue yonder. For then, and only then, will more of the secrets to your life be revealed, and what's more, you may just start to find real peace as you head toward your calling and greatness in life. It will be the shoe that fits perfectly.

Although peace is different for everyone and unmistakeably an inside issue, the paradox may be that until we fulfill ourselves outside of ourselves in the external world and hopefully for the benefit of others, we can never truly reach a place of peace on the inside.

Take some risks, be prepared to fall again, as you will get up again, be sure of this. More often than not, with each fall, it will never be as bad as the one before, so fear not.

A human's search for his or her soul will be an endless saga I'm sure, however it's one that must continue and along with it, will this hunger for true inner peace be found.

With love, kindness and peace

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