Success & Failure

By Michael Knight

Wednesday 20 July 2011

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Life is both failure and success for us all, yes you and everyone. We are all whole human beings which means we have what many perceive to be good and bad sides of our makeup, just as we all can experience a variation of personalities throughout our lives.

When you come to understand and accept both light and dark within you and us all, the next step is to appreciate both of these areas thus alleviating unnecessary duress, worry and hangups from your failures, or with some people to a lesser extent, your successes.

Yes, the good and bad components in your life are both sides of the coin like many dualities in life, which will serve you if you are truly grateful for and embrace both fully. So when you next look in the mirror be sure to praise both the positive and negative parts of your character and what you are currently experiencing in life, for without either, there can never be the other.

Plus not coming to terms with both parts of you, in fact all parts of you, will only make it more difficult for you and take longer to get your life moving forward in a direction where you feel fulfilled from accomplishing those dreams that lay deep in your heart — especially those things you are really here for.

With love, kindness and peace

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