Acceptance (Download)

By Michael Knight

Saturday 16 June 2012

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Acceptance, acceptance and more acceptance — for everything in life is about acceptance.

Acceptance will help your life flow in keeping with the dynamic nature of universal energy that we are all made from.

Acceptance of change, others, yourself, loss, death and what happens in your environment, both good and bad, for what other viable alternatives do you have?

Well, you can exert some power and influence to resist you having to accept change if you don't like what's happening, although trying to control external forces outside yourself will require enormous energy, knowledge, resources and a thorough commitment to the task at hand, and backed by solid reasoning.

However, a far better and relatively more pragmatic solution might be to change your perception about what you need to accept and why. Freeing you up quicker to advance in a different direction availing yourself of grander experiences more in alignment with who you are and what you seek.

Acceptance and changing your perception is certainly not easy, nor done in an instant, or is there any one standard way to do it. It can be confusing, however it's a personal and unique developmental stage that you, and you alone must acquire. Acceptance is another difficult yet valuable lesson to learn in life.

People do many things rightly or wrongly to test things out which helps with the acceptance process, so do what you need to satisfy both your head and heart, for you will have no rest until you do. When all the doubt and negative energy is out both your head and heart will eventually come to terms with the past and start embracing their new future.

A simple concept to accept is that we can't have it all — all the time.

One strategy maybe to keep all those good qualities and memories you don't want to let go off, and stick them in your treasure trove of the past and use them as a guide to what you will be looking for in the future. In time with the advent of new experiences the old will be assimilated into the new or cast aside and dumped from your conscious memory.

Remember, those who love and have their heart broken is testament to the love that dwells within them. For love is only ever about the person from which it flows from. Subsequently, it will be this love of yours that will allow you to accept and let go.

With love, kindness and peace

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