To feel or not to feel?

By Michael Knight

Thursday 9 July 2009

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Some of us in life are possibly too sensitive, caring, affectionate souls who live a life with our hearts open, and due to Separation disasters, relationship breakups and other sad events, get our hearts broken from time to time, hurting us deeply.

Why is it some people get hurt and others don't? I don't really know. Is it a genetic, gender or a learnt trait? Or is it because some of us, despite numerous experiences of hurt and pain, still wish to retain the human qualities of an open heart, keep our feelings alive, remain present and feel the pain of another? All fine qualities, cultivated and shared amongst only a select group I'm sure.

In other words we haven't hardened the fuck up (pardon my french) as Chopper Reid, hardened criminal turned celebrity is renowned for saying. To the point where many can't or don't want to feel, limiting and disconnecting their brain receptors (consciously or more likely subconsciously) from feeling or experiencing the full gamut of emotions.

It's not surprising in this world we live in, with all it's brutality and the fear of it, that much of the body's defense mechanisms still allow us to feel and our emotions free from being shut-down altogether, becoming like some robot void of vital human qualities.

I feel sad for these people, I really do. These are the people who are really damaged and have missed out, with some of them not really knowing what they're missing out on. The interesting observation is some of these people think there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Who am I to argue. Shall we put it down to another case of deep psychic denial.

In my view, the divine essence of experiencing being human is to feel — without it, you have nothing.

I bless those who are righteous and have the ability to feel deep, no matter how much it hurts sometimes as having this gift is worth it. They are like the canaries who were kept down the mines as a first warning bell that there was danger. And I also bless those who are unable to feel.

For without these people who can feel and are sensitive to the needs of the planet, the consciousness of humanity may suffer a darker twist of fate than at present. So let's pray for all people to feel the pain of the world so we can all heal it.

With kindness

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