Aim for the 'Good Life'

By Michael Knight

Friday 13 February 2009

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What is the good life? Why do we want it? And how do we achieve it?

Whether before or after a Separation, the 'Good Life' sounds very exciting and certainly something to pursue and be inspired by. Is it what life's all about?

Well, why not? Good for all is what God wants for his children - right? Hence, aiming for the good life seems to be the correct path alright — but what actually is the 'Good Life?

Is it God's life — the way of God? Taking your part in a higher good - whatever that is?

Is there really such a thing as the 'Good Life', and is it obtainable to us all?

Or is it a bit like the 'What's the meaning of Life' question? A rabbit hole that burrows deep into the earth twisting and turning, or like a universe that never ends.

I think this topic is like opening up a can of worms, and I wonder whether there really is a definitive answer for us individually, or as a whole, being applied to the entirety of the human race.

This is not an essay or thesis so the aim of the article is for practical purposes, to give you a few thoughts to perhaps kick start your thinking and rediscover, if lost, your zest for life. Or for whatever other purpose you choose.

Firstly, is it all about having — as opposed to not having? But having what? To get something we all have to pay, it's just a question of how we pay. Furthermore, what are you willing to give up, risk or lose, to get it?

Or is it all about giving — to whom and what? Does this really matter, or is getting something in return or having something what it's all about — to achieve the good life?

Perhaps it's simply an 'Understanding' of ourselves. An understanding of what we are, the potential and possibilities of what we can be. Live life to the full people say, whatever that really means. These possibilities I believe can either be limited and hindered by our experiences to date, or empower us to achieve greatness. Whether by sparking our intellect, creativity or our feelings and emotions.

Maybe it's just a question of 'What Do You Really Want?'

Can we have it all — everything in life, all the time? Or is it a bit like a journey where we accumulate things for a while, lose them or pass onto others. Or are we simply meant to absorb our environmental conditions in a particular and filtered fashion to others, to be stored in our mind and memory as our unique set of experiences, until when and for what use?

Are we here to grow, advance, live in sufferance or in harmony with the planet? Or is there more?

Living in peace and harmony with a clear conscience feeling content, is maybe our truest guide to the 'Good Life' we will ever find. Like a compass needle that points true north.

Or is the good life illusory, a figment of our imagination, dream or a fairy tale perhaps?

Depending on your experiences with family and social conditioning, you will engrain certain values and beliefs, either voluntarily or not, into your subconscious.

Depending on your awareness, these values and beliefs which are hidden if you like, from your conscious mind, will often colour and determine your perception, expectations and ultimate reality and experiences of life, and in particular the life you are and want to live.

So if these values and beliefs don't lead you down the path to what you perceive as the good life, what do you do? You have to shed them, unlearn them by overwriting them with new thoughts and habits to live the good life of your choosing.

So, it is possible with some work to achieve the good life, from the moment you become aware that your life is not working the way you would like it to, to the moment you decide to start changing it. Starting with being grateful is possibly the first step, and then yes, you can begin to embark upon the 'Good Life'.

But does the 'good life' mean having an easy time without trouble. I dare say not. As the bible says in (II Timothy 3:12) "All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution". (Hebrews 2:10) says that Jesus Christ was made "perfect through suffering" so it may follow that only through pain, sorrow, suffering and overcoming will you experience the good life.

Can the "Good Life" be defined?

The many paradoxical variations of living, as we've come to know it, can be all classified as components of the "Good Life". In fact, just being alive, especially, healthy and functioning, can be highly regarded as the "Good Life". Although, what maybe good for one, may not be good for another.

a) Is it all about an easy, simple life? Wine, women and song?

b) Being artistic, lazy, hard working, living in peace and safety, feeling secure?

c) Is it about living life as a party or game? Full of fun, however you define that fun. May be no matter what the consequence to others may be?

d) Good music, a friendly smile, a hug, kiss from loved ones. Watching a caterpillar crawl over a green leaf on a bright sunny day?

e) Achievement for yourself, betterment for others?

f) Doing things, taking risks that invoke feelings that make you feel pleasure or pain?

g) Being in the flow with universal energy, experiencing all of life's emotions, feeling joy, happiness, sadness and sorrow?

h) All aspects of what money money can buy and the value and pleasure it purports to provide?

i) Living within the bounds of our man made laws, god given natural laws, maintaining your integrity, honesty, fairness and honour?

j) Having a relationship with God and embalming yourself in his world of glory?

k) Living a life of freedom, free of responsibility and traveling?

l) Having a sense of control and power over your life; including over others?

m) Family orientated, loving your partner, children and extended family?

n) Being work and career focused, having a job, a sense of belonging and contributing?

o) Being outcome orientated, or not?

p) Giving small or plentiful to others, giving love from the source, an eternal stream to all?

q) To be accepted, fitting into the normal mold, or to not be stereotyped?

r) To avoid failure, loss, change; especially with the things you love and cherish?

s) Loving and being close to someone or God?

The above list is somewhat short and incomplete as the list of what you or I may perceive as the good life, is possibly endless. This exercise in defining the 'Good Life' is futile as the supply is inexhaustible.


In concluding, I think the good life means different things to different people, based upon what we know, what we think we deserve, what can achieve, what we are prepared to do, to get what we think we want.

There appears to be no right or wrong way or one solution fits all approach to obtain the good life. Save for the universal laws of the planet and energy, which govern matter.

The more I tried to find answers - the more questions kept popping up. I hope these questions, may actually be answers in a different form, that may help you solve your questions and help you on your journey.

Maybe, the 'Good Life' is simply being and doing all things GOOD in Life...Could it be that simple?

Or, as simple as it may seem, perhaps the good life can be defined by:

"Having the power to choose what you want, and ultimately receiving it."

Maybe the key is under our noses all along — just simply be "children of God". By being child like, mostly free, loving, naive, ignorant we can live in bliss, love and peace. Not always externally in the adult world, but internally where it is safe, within your relationship with God, enacting and being anything your imagination desires. Perhaps this is really the "Good Life" we seek, and we just didn't know it.

One thing's for sure, we may not have all the answers but life is short, so get into life NOW, today!

God bless... with love, peace and kindness

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    By: bill from NSW, Aust on March 12, 2009 @ 6:25 am
    Great article - we all want the good life and I got some good ideas
    By: Sandra W from Mornington Victoria, Australia on February 20, 2009 @ 8:27 am
    Thanks Michael for attempting to define the good life. My new boyfriend and I have been trying to work this out for some time and have also found it somewhat difficult. Found this article interesting giving us both some new thoughts to work with.
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