Mirror mirror on the wall, what shall my life look like, now I've had my fall?

By Michael Knight

Saturday 28 November 2009

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After having gone through the Separation ringer, there is one really important question that just may pop up for you.

When you are relatively free of all the emotional, psychological and financial hooks from a nasty Separation or Divorce, and have come down to Earth after some much needed healing, you might be surprised to notice that the all important question you might be faced with is in the form of "So what do I want my new life to look like now?".

So gaze into that mirror and take a long hard look at yourself, meditate or do whatever you do best to get in touch with your spirit to find the answer. The answer may take some time, be illusory or it may come quickly popping out from nowhere.

Believe it or not, considering this question is a very good sign that perhaps you have moved on, battle scarred perhaps but mostly over the past hurts and suffering, free of it's disabling effects to the point of realising you do want and have a life to enjoy, so let's get cracking.

But what of this new life? What do you want in this new picture of yours?

It may come to you as no surprise that you are a creator, always have been and always will. You might say you being a creator comes from the fact you have been created in the image of God, also a creator. Or on a scientific level we are cells and organisms that can multiply creating new cells and organisms into anything we want. Yes, we are all creators.

You have created everything in your past both good and negative experiences, it's all been up to you. You may have been induced or forced into creating a negative experience, however you ultimately made the decision to travel down a certain path.

Anyway, the past is simply that — the past. What are you going to do about the future? Keeping in mind that the future is promised to no one, so Carpe Diem — seize the day or better still, seize the moment.

If I said to you, you are an almighty powerful being who could do anything, the possibilities for you are endless, would you believe me? What would you think, say or more importantly do?

How do we get that clear picture of what we would really like to do in our life, and how can we pull it off? Hmmmm... Maybe this is the billion dollar question or holy grail of life.

First you will have to form the picture in your mind and be crystal clear as to why you want this picture? Emotionalise why you want to be or do what's in your picture.

Getting switched on to a vibration that resonates deep in your core that makes you feel ultra alive and fantastic is key. It can be having a challenge that's almost impossible, or it may simply be living a life peace and no complications. Either way it's a personal thing and your feelings will be the guide, so listen to them carefully.

Your picture and feelings will go together, so some playing around modifying the creation will have to be tinkered with, but it is exciting and well worth the effort. After all, when your at death's door wouldn't you like to look back and think you did what you wanted and it was something great?

Don't be mediocre with you picture and what you desire, settling for second best. Just make sure it includes making other people's lives better and you're sure to be on a winner.

Look I wish I had all the answers for your life but the truth is I don't and could never. I barely have the answers for mine. However, hopefully some ideas, thoughts and desires have been sparked within your soul to get those creative juices flowing, your excitement starting to brew, a plan is now appearing allowing you to pursue your course with some vibrant energy and action.

Whatever you do, stay focused and on track, don't let anybody tell you can't do it, distract you and impart negative energy on anything that depletes your dream.

Go for it!

With love, kindness and peace

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