A World of Delusion

By Michael Knight

Thursday 24 June 2010

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Does it suit you to live in a world of delusion, not knowing fact from reality? So what's your view?

Perhaps living in a world of perception rather than knowledge somehow seems safer or, are you really awake to the difference.

Just as an ant or animal possibly can never really understand their thoughts and intentions in the same way humans do, so too do most of us who live in a world of deception and deprivation never fully understand, that the suffering most endure, is not the way it's supposed to be.

Although unlike animals who lack the capacity to intellectualize, hypothesize and reason, what is our excuse as humans to keep living in and tolerating a world of non truthfulness and avoidable suffering?

Lies by not just a friend or foe here or there, but by our so called leaders who have reached some standing in society, even for a short duration. You know who they are.

So what's the answer my friend? Keep living like a mushroom, being fed bullshit and kept in the dark? NO, definitely not!

Is it not time you opened your eyes and awoke from the dream? This is no Alice in Wonderland tea party or Wizard of OZ, or perhaps it really is.

What are your options? Stop listening and believing in the lies you are told and listen to the truth inside you!

Will you wake up and allow the bright warm light to shine through. For the sun and light was not just meant to be for plants and food to grow, it was for us as humans to grow also, in spirit and psychologically; growing as a vibrant and healthy cell in this world wide organism of ours.

Not be attacked, isolated and shut down nullifying your existence and any resemblance that you belong and have a worthy part to play.

Yes, the forces are strong. The immune system of many states and countries have gone out of control and to the point where the healing phase just wont stop, not unlike cancer. So what do you do?

It's time to wake up Alice or is it Dorothy?

With love, kindness and peace

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