Family Law is but a game of illusion

By Michael Knight

Thursday 21 October 2010

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Family Law can be but a game of chess, a house of horrors and a fun palace all rolled into one that would give any Tim Burton movie a run for it's money — attracting all sorts of people from near and a far. If you wish to play the game, whatever game it might be, have the time and energy to expend on mostly nonsensical rhetoric, good luck!

You don't necessarily need money when representing yourself, just make sure you don't have any finances and assets for the taking, as the legal profession are well crafted at sniffing out money when it suits them and what's more, taking it.

As long as you have a somewhat twisted disposition and are prepared to endure all the possible assaults a legal battle can dish out, you may get a kick out of it and have some fun, just like the lawyers and judges do, although keep in mind they are the only ones that get paid the big bucks to have the fun, and often from out of your pocket in one form or another.

Yes, it doesn't take long to glean that behind those quiet and serious appearances, the legal professionals have a jolly time indeed, and why wouldn't they — fun, frolic, the power you have given them, word games, messing with people's lives causing mayhem and plenty of loot. Proffering your rights and making decisions about your pitiful existence to no doubt impress or control you, keeping you in the game anyway they can.

But just let's hope it's not at your expense as it will most surely be you see, and more importantly not diminishing the quality of your children's present and future life too much or at all. Because at the end of the day, can you really live with the suffering you may cause to your children by playing these silly games in the financial institution they call the Family Court?

With love, kindness and peace

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