Falling Out of Love (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 3 March 2011

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As sure as you can fall in love, falling out of love can be equally inevitable.

Unlike falling in love with all those euphoric feelings that kept you floating on the clouds, falling out of love is a bit like a messenger upon your doorstep telling you about a past event many years ago that you clearly knew of.

No surprises there — it's old news, painless and nothing really — bar a brief thought out of nowhere breezing in and out of your head.

Given some time and not so pleasant circumstances can precipitate the demise and disappearance of those feelings of love. When all your efforts to make that special person in your life feel your love go unnoticed, your love can simply dry up.

Your love may transform a few times in a bid to retain its magical essence that you surely don't want to lose, however unfortunately for those couples who don't collectively put in the effort, the moment does come to pass as sad as it maybe where your love does eventually evapourate into the ether.

It's as though you never knew of such an experience or felt such a feeling.

With love, kindness and peace

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