Whose game are you playing? (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 17 March 2011

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If you're not running your own game, you must be playing someone elses!

Is this what you want?

A willingness and ability to take responsibility, make good decisions about where you want to go and end up, combined with action is what's required to get you there. You may say yeah yeah I know this, but how effective are you?

With nobody coming to help, rescue or make your life better — it's solely up to you. Yes, you are alone on this quest called your life. And when it's gone, it's gone!

After a Separation you can sometimes get knocked off your perch and have trouble getting back on or finding another perch to crow from. Sometimes in life you get hung out to dry, kicked in the teeth especially when you're down with some people, and sometimes you just get left behind and forgotten all about.

All in all, it ain't a rosy picture.

By all means have faith in a God, understand universal laws and principles including those of supply and manifestation, engage the support of family, friends and assistance where you can, but clearly understand you are on your own — in your mind with free will and your physical being.

Again, it's all up to you and what you want and prepared to settle for or go out in the wild and hunt for. To not only survive but indeed realise your dreams in this lifetime, possibly the only life you will ever get, so get that hunger and thirst for life back in a real hurry!

To get back in the game and human race hunting for all things good, you may have to first come to terms with loss, abandonment, emotional and other issues as quick as you can. Then, and only then, can you resume the journey you were destined or ordained for. Building inner strength, resilience, confidence, the right attitude, self esteem and assuredness, clarity and faith is what's needed to thrust you back into both the game and race of your life. Your out to win, make no mistake about this! Is it all starting to come back to you now?

Before you can see a marked improvement in your self esteem and confidence you must first clear the deck. In other words you must clear the debris from around you. Anybody or anything that's not contributing to your positive recovery, you must either stay clear of or dispense with.

Being amongst positive people who encourage you, lift you up in one way or another and make you laugh and smile, in contrast with those who oppose you, put you down, belittle you, cripple you with their insecurities and don't help you if and when they can, as you do with them. Yes, those people who think it's a one way street or they should get more from you, than what they give you. Some may refer to these types of people as emotional, time, energy or psychological vampires, who suck every last drop of blood from you.

Whilst you think you can handle it, when you're on your last few pints of blood struggling between life and death, you may wish to rethink this kind gesture of yours and take care of yourself first instead. Then, once you are on a level playing field, your goals, action and achievement is a great start to building up your self esteem. Putting your mind on something, knowing you can do it in the mind and will do it in real life.

You may already know who and what you are and what you can do, and that's great, or maybe you're in for a complete makeover, remodel and forming a new identity. Whatever the reason and however you do it, getting that fire in your belly and gusto again is essential, with improved self esteem all part of the mix. Some even call this being reborn.

So pick little goals to start with and make sure you get the result you were after or at least one that you're happy with, plus the main ingredient is to enjoy the ride as you journey toward the end of the goal. For without this enjoyment life is all rather pointless. It can also be a precursor to losing interest and causing you to give up. Become more distracted causing you to lose focus, with this leading to you becoming disheartened and ultimately throwing in the towel, plummeting your self esteem into the depths of despair. Before you know it, you will first think you're in the same boat as you were before.

However, this is not exactly true as perhaps you first thought, no one can ever be in the same spot as they were before, plus if you are going forward you can never be going backward. Those things don't happen on this planet in human form. The main thing to glean is you at least gave it a shot, which takes courage and commitment to move forward and take a risk. The secret with taking risks is that you can never fail despite what you may think at the time. The mere process of taking the risk in the first place is a sure sign you have succeeded in moving forward to a new place, and from this new place will you see something different that you couldn't see before, as your angle of reference and timing will of course be different.

These qualities you obtain with each step you take are huge and a positive sign of success, even though you didn't quite kick the goal this time like you would have liked. With each new try and effort to reach a new goal, it will get easier as you gain more and more confidence, skill and excitement in reaching your goals. So the trick is to keep pushing ahead and striving forward, no matter how hopeless or bleak things may seem.

So well done, you are again back playing your game, the only game you should ever be playing!

With love, kindness and peace

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