Looking for Love (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 16 September 2011

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Spring is surely one of those beautiful times of year where love blooms.

Whether it is the warm, sunny and aromatic weather after a cool and bleak wintery period that brightens up a person's spirit and casually sets them on a quest for love, or whether it be a more definite of purpose where love and companionship are sought to cure their ills of loneliness, everybody has a reason for love in their life.

People know in their heart that love is good and love is right. Without love in your life what might the purpose of life really be?

While many attempts have been made in the world to describe its many forms and effects, love is one of those states that can transcend from the superficial to the bottomless waters where no one has ever been. What can be shared and experienced between two people high on love for each other or on a larger scale where love flows collectively, is indeterminable.

Love can be a light hearted feeling from seeing each other once in a while with a flower, gift and outing, through to an ache, constant thinking about and longing for the other — a codependency you may enjoy and never want to shake off or disassociate from.

For many, love may represent an internal feeling or some type of self gratification right through to those fewer numbers who are able to give and perform totally selfless acts serving others without any form of self gratification, save knowing their intention was simply to benefit someone to the exclusion of themselves.

Love can be sourced through an unknowing, naivety and innocence to a knowing with definite of purpose, from a deep level of care and commitment on the physical, to complimenting each other on the metaphysical meeting all the needs of another's soul.

While some souls appear to be unable to love or have short supply of this earthly treasure, it would only be a misconception as almost everyone is an endless fountain of love. With those that have difficulty with the notion of love, intimacy or otherwise, this is only due to an energy blockage from past negative experiences. Most of us suffer from blockages in some way or another. The trick is to do things that open our love channels.

When looking for love, or at least open to the attraction of love, you must first believe in love and that it exists everywhere — and that you are both worth receiving love and have the capacity to give it abundantly. Believing all people are good, kind and generous, and deserving of your love, may just help you clear those ol' blocked pipes of love, getting them flowing once again and freely.

With love, kindness and peace

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