By Michael Knight

Thursday 20 August 2009

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What most people don't realise, is that you don't need to spend a cent when you Separate or Divorce, apart from some small fees for paperwork.

Yes, with some time, good support and some learnt knowledge, not to mention some personal work or development on yourself enabling yourself to come to grips with your new set of circumstances, it's all doable. With the right attitude a Separation can more often than not be a huge relief and perceived as a god send. Some adjustment of your mindset is all that is needed.

However the problem is, and this is where almost everyone gets it wrong, is when they walk into a lawyer's office, not just asking for some simple advice, but actually engaging them, or having them act for you. In other words by getting them involved. Yes, it may all seem rather comforting at the time and maybe empowering as you are being versed up on your rights and entitlements, if you are lucky to even get that, however it is usually short lived and part of the game and a show they put on to capture their unsuspecting prey.

What's more, you have most likely have begun or joined in on World War III with your ex-partner, and like any war, it will be hard to stop, impossible to reverse and carnage everywhere. In the midst of the battle both you, your ex, children and extended family will lose more than just a few dollars on paperwork, once the battle really sets in.

It's hard for people to understand this and so easy for naive people feeling powerless, vulnerable and fearful of their ex, that they usually 'jump from the frying pan into the fire!' This is usually opposite to what most people think, expect and want.

Conveying this to most people is like pulling teeth out at the dentist with a crowbar and without an anesthetic — it will be very messy, ineffective, extremely painful with a strong possibility of causing many negative side effects for numerous years to come.

Let me be totally clear here. This is not about bagging lawyers in general, it's about bagging those scum lawyers that incite parents into battle, divide them and prevent usually any chance of peaceful and amicable negotiations and resolution from taking place. All those scum predatorial lawyers know who they are.

Now if we had a system of lawyers/mediators who were paid at minimal or flat rate that was income means tested and safeguarded by various government bodies and processes this would be the first real start to a healthy solution. Kicking off a culture where the family division of the legal fraternity adopted a caring attitude and demeanor similar to many in social services would possibly be a feat equaling the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, as a result of weeks of civil unrest.

However, until people unite and stand together for the common good of families and humanity, showing dissent and dissatisfaction toward the current legal processes and attitudes in family law circles around the world today, unfortunately it is not just you and your children who will pay the price, it will be your grown up children and their children who will suffer in turn.

Freedoms and rights only exist naturally without interference from those who seek to gain from another's misfortune. Protect your rights and family to have a low cost, peaceful resolution that would not only serve your particular family, but rather society as a whole.

How will you sleep knowing that you did nothing?

Take your stand today!

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Brenda from Victoria, Australia on May 3, 2010 @ 5:34 pm
    Hi Michael, I only just found your site tonight three years and $65,000 in legal fees out from separation. What a great site!If there is anything I can do to prevent the fallout as described above happening to others, just as it happened to me, sign me up!Divorce proceedings need to be removed from the hands of vulturous lawyers and into the hands of those with some sense of social responsibilty. Mediation, the often mooted alternative, is not necessarily the answer when there is power imbalance in the relationship. An alternative to mediation and vultures is needed. Bring on some of your suggestions above! Been thinking the same for a while now.
    By: Ben from Queensland, Australia on February 22, 2010 @ 10:13 pm
    Thanks for this and other articles and your help Michael. I really really appreciate it. When I read this it somehow changed my thinking and knew you were exactly right and the way to go. I walked out on my ex 6 mths ago and not wanted to talk much as it just wasnt working for many reasons however once I realised my part and how imperfect I was and what I was about to do to my children and all of our lives I had a big rethink. Maybe I grew up some. Anyway the short of it is my ex and I talk now and she says ive changed and she likes me better this way and the kids are happier to. Who knows how we will all go but it's better than ending up in a lawyers office and courts like we were starting to do and it wasnt pretty. Lawyers can be mongrels as they egging my wife on to get intervention orders against me and the police involved tfor no reason and which my ex wouldn't do and that's just for starters. Anyway just letting your readers know lawyers are still sharks and they will never change so keep your family away from them!!!!! Cheers
    By: Pete Phelan from WA, Aust on August 21, 2009 @ 1:34 am
    Funny comment John. Thanks mate just came across your article. If only i got it thru my thick head 3 yrs ago. You lose yourself and still lost once getting into the legal system no doubt about it. Havnt been able to work since. Something changes inside you and its almost like your never the same again. Do you have a branch over here? Cheers
    By: john Thomas from VIC, Oz on August 20, 2009 @ 7:58 am
    Excuse me Guv'nor Michael but don't fret about bagging the good lawyers because there aren't any.
    Q: How do you tell when a lawyer is lying?
    A: When their lips move.
    The only difference between a lawyer and a vulture is the vulture doesn't get frequent flyer points.
    It isn't law that is practiced in the divorce courts. It is bureaucratic manipulation, and illegal at that.
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