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Be Grateful Today!

"We must always hold truth to be more vital to our self interest, than our comfort."
— Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled


Beyond Separation welcomes you to a place of giving and sharing where you can feel safe and secure going through a Separation or Divorce, no matter what difficulties you are facing.

Whilst life is difficult and complex according to renowned author the late Scott Peck and apparent to many of us, at Beyond Separation our aim is to give you the support and knowledge you need to make your Separation journey that much easier.

As Separation is not a regular part of life most people are often ill prepared for it's effects, however by obtaining the right education and skills you can learn to gain control of your situation and cope more effectively in a very short space of time.

The key to an above average Separation outcome is education, awareness and support.

Through learning what to do and not to do, increasing awareness of both yourself and the Separation processes, good wholesome support from family, friends and various professionals, you can minimise the stress and harmful effects upon you and your family considerably.

Whilst in the short term you may suffer shock, confusion and disorientation as you grapple with emotions, loss, grief and the constant decisions and adjustments needed, in the medium to long term however with careful thought and action, Separation can be transformed into positive change. Although we cannot control the storms, howling winds and choppy waves on the blustery sea, we can raise our sails and head back to shore enjoying the ride along the way.

Education & Awareness
Following the path of openness, honesty, love and the truth, the culture of Beyond Separation aims in the first instance to promote a reconciliation with your inner self, as your divinity lies within. From there, in time with the right knowledge, will you wake from the dream and illusions you have chosen to partake in, disbanding all things negative in your life regaining the peace, enjoyment and abundance you have always longed for.

Through articles and discussion our aim is to provide education and awareness about many of the issues surrounding Separation and Beyond. The benefits will hopefully help you make informed decisions about what really goes on and what's right for you and your family. It's a time for change and with the right attitude can be an opportunity for enormous emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Although everyone's situation is different one thing is for certain, you need to feel properly supported to endure this difficult time. You are God's creation, special and perfect regardless of what anyone says about you. Always remember this. So be sure to be grateful daily keeping your faith strong, your spirits high and keep only positive people in your life.

— The Beyond Separation Team

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